The Empowering and Crippling tool known as “HALLOWEEN”   Leave a comment

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Halloween, like many other things in life, is all about the way you look at it.

Some parents frown on children dressing up as anything scary, while others encourage it.

Some tuck their children in at night and upon their insistence we check for monsters and boogie men hiding under the bed and in the closer and proceed by telling them “See there is nothing to be afraid of…”, while others say, after the mandatory thorough investigation, “Well, I can’t find him anywhere, here is a flashlight, if that monster comes back, you shine it right in their eyeballs, that light will shine light into the dark parts of their hearts and make them nice.  Here, take this Nerf ball too, I think I’ve heard of this monster and rumor has it, he is very good at fetch.”

Halloween is a secret weapon for parents.

How?, you say.  Let me give you an example……. Many years ago, I knew this little girl named Kimberly who was terrified of vampires, one year she dressed up as a vampire for Halloween.  She realized after that night, she could look just like the vampires on television, therefore she was more powerful.  Throughout the years Kimberly took pride in confronting the things that frightened her.  In a much later conversation she talked to me about the rush that she gets after confronting a fear (at that point it was a particular ride at an amusement park).  She used this (along with her intelligence–of course–) to get her Bachelor’s degree, which lead to her ability to perform successfully in her career, where she often has to speak in front of large groups.

Imagination and is a wonderful gift.  It teaches children (and adults) creative thinking, problem solving and goal setting.  For the sake of our future generations, do not rob the children of their imaginations, EMPOWER THEM!!

********AND IT’S FUN********

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What is Your Special Recipe?   1 comment

Ouachita Mountains 10.20.13 (25) Ouachita Mountains 10.20.13 (91)

What ingredients are necessary for the recipe to a great adventure?  Just like chocolate cake, there are millions of different recipes to suit the uniqueness of each individual.  Or, if your like me, you may choose a different recipe depending on the temperature, location, money, etc…  Although, when building a new adventure recipe I like to start with a few key ingredients, good company is my “flour“, and my “sugar” is if I have never done it before (my “bucket list” is endless)  = )


I have gone camping and have been taught about what nature has to offer since I was little, so when I was given an opportunity recently to flee the city, of course I jumped on it. Some friends, my son, and I went to Ouachita Mountains.

Minimally altered by humans, it has been given the opportunity to continue to be one of natures majestic kingdoms. (although justice to the view has not been served, check out the photo that I have posted from on top of “Keyhole Rock”)

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Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas   Leave a comment

Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas

One of Many of Natures Majestic Kingdoms!

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What Do You Feel Strongly About?   Leave a comment

During this crazy time of what could become a world crisis, not just a US crisis, where everyone is blaming the other for the (now 14 days) of the government shutdown, even those who do not claim to be “into politics” are raising their voices about something that society would consider “political”.  This prompted me to think, “What is considered “political”? states “(often the politics of) the assumptions or principles relating to or inherent in a sphere, theory, or thing, especially when concerned with power and status in a society:the politics of gender“.

My interpretation is that “politics” is any subject that someone feels strongly about that can be debated.  Wow! that could be ANYTHING!

I guess I AM “into politics”.

I challenge you (and myself) to search yourselves to discover, What do YOU feel strongly about?  Parenting standards, and bedtime schedules, or is it something outside of your immediate home such as that your neighborhood has not yet adopted a recycling program?  Whatever it is, remember, if you feel strongly about it, it has validity.

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The Independent Woman   Leave a comment

To all of the women out there that wear the multitude of hats, that life demands, with pride:

You are the ones that are the glue of the family, the back-brace of your man, the rock for your boss, and the haven for your children.

You are the one that frustrated your parents as teens, but are proud to call you their daughters.

You are the women that, even on your bad hair-days, every female wants to be.

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The Naturally Modern Woman   Leave a comment

Hello World!

I have been inspired to create a blog about the simple things in life that meant so much to us at one point in our lives, but have fallen into a category of in-necessity or last priority, due to our busy lifestyles.  Child-like fun, Random Acts of Kindness and Helping to Save the Earth all sound like admirable deeds, but who has the time?   My hope is that some of my thoughts, suggestions and experiences will inspire someone else to grab a hold of the things that keep life’s colors bold.

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